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In order to support the transformation of CST from science to applied engineering, CASSATA pursues the following objectives:

• OB1: Identify new/disruptive capability opportunities which might provide a strategic advantage in defence and evaluate the breakthroughs brought by the covert sensing technologies developed within the project. In particular, CASSATA will aim at:

a. increasing detection and tracking performance, accuracy, and reliability

i. in harsh operational environment

ii. of targets with small size and dimensions, very low thermal or optical signature

iii. of fast manoeuvring and fast moving targets with hypersonic speeds

b. leveraging on multi-modal data fusion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as multi-sensor and multispectral techniques

c. exploiting advanced data processing, analytics and edge computing techniques for improved information management

d. defining a modular and scalable architecture while ensuring interoperability and seamless integration of heterogeneous data

• OB2: Develop studies and designs in order to demonstrate innovative covert sensing functionalities for defence applications.

• OB3: Propose/demonstrate/evaluate CST based capability building and sustainment.

• OB4: Develop the specific enabling technologies to support the studies developed in CASSATA.